Seller Guide Chapter 4: Ending Your Campaign Well

Just because your campaign has ended and your shirts are off to be printed and shipped, doesn’t mean your sales work is done. The way you finish out this campaign can make or break how your next campaign goes. This chapter of the Seller Guide will walk you through what to communicate to your buyers after a campaign ends, and how to think about what is next for you! But first things first, let’s get you your money!

Campaign Payouts

After your campaign ends and has reached or exceeded its minimum sales needed to print, we’ll send you a fast payout of 100% of the profits. If you have fundraising options enabled, we’ll also send you any donations you received. Here’s how it works:

  1. Your campaign ends at midnight EST on the day you selected. If you reached your minimum sales needed to print, we’ll immediately start processing orders and preparing your payout.
  2. Within approximately 1 business day, you’ll receive an email notifying you that your payout can now be requested from your Account Dashboard on Bonfire. Log in, navigate to the payouts section of your dashboard and click the “available” tab. If your payouts exceed $600 within a calendar year, you will be prompted to enter additional tax information.
  3. Approximately 1-2 business days after requesting a payout, you’ll see it appear in your PayPal account. If you’re a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and would prefer to receive your payout via a mailed check, contact us and we’ll gladly accommodate this.

Communicate with your Buyers
Don’t leave your buyers in the dark while they’re waiting for their orders to arrive. Follow up with them at the end of your campaign  and include helpful information.This ensures that your buyers feel comfortable about what is happening with their order.

Tell them when their shirts will arrive
The day after your campaign closes, let your community know how things wrapped up. Tell them if you reached your sales or fundraising goals, and remind them that their shirts are just now going to print and will arrive in 8-14 business days.  Don’t forget to add in a ‘thank you’  for their purchase! 😉

We’ve got your back

One advantage of using Bonfire is that we take care of all post-purchase buyer needs. If you have a buyer who has a problem of any sort with their purchase from Bonfire, send them in our direction, and we’ll take care of it. You can find full details of our 100% Satisfaction Policy here. Our email address for all buyer needs is: support@bonfire.com. You can rest assured that our stellar Customer Happiness Team will move mountains to make things right for your buyers.

Encourage buyers to show off their shirt
Once shirts begin to arrive, encourage your community to post photos wearing their shirts on social media. Don’t forget to ask them to tag you or your organization so that you can use the photos on your page in the future if you decide to sell the shirts again! Promotional photos of real people in shirts tend to lead to more sales.

If you don’t already have one, create your own unique hashtag for Instagram and Twitter for people to use when they post pictures! You can also encourage them to be a part of the Bonfire community by tagging us, or using #WearBonfire. We love getting to see how people are rocking Bonfire shirts all over the world!

Evaluate What’s Next

Now that your campaign has finished, it’s time to decide how you would like to proceed. We have created a few options to manage interest post-campaign so that you don’t miss out on selling your shirts.

“I Would Buy This” Button
If your campaign does not have Smart Launch turned on, the campaign will fall dormant once it ends, and the green  “Buy it Now” button changes to a blue “I Would Buy This” Button.  People who missed their chance to buy while the campaign was open can click this button, input their email, and they will get an email notification when the campaign is re-launched.  

Keep in mind, only a percentage of people who submit their emails here will actually end up buying a shirt. People are much more likely to purchase from a live campaign than when they submit an email and wait. This is why we created Smart Launch.

Smart Launch
Smart Launch is the best and easiest way to keep buyers happy and make sure you never miss a sale! For all campaigns, Smart Launch is initially on by default. Campaigns will automatically relaunch the next batch once the first successful order is completed. And, you take advantage of all the same benefits of Bonfire’s made-to-order, short-run platform like volume cost savings and remaining inventory-free at no cost.

If at any time you want to change your Smart Launch settings, simply navigate to the Settings button on the Campaign Details in your Dashboard.

We will notify you via email as soon as the first order triggers the relaunch of your campaign. Please keep in mind that for each new round of shirts, your campaign still has to meet its print minimums to be successful. You can find your print minimums online in the Campaign Details page of your account. For full details about Smart Launch, click here.

For successful campaigns, relaunching keeps the momentum going with a follow-up batch. For campaigns that didn’t reach their minimum sales needed to print, it offers the chance to try again.

You can easily relaunch your campaign at any time. Just navigate to the campaigns section of your Account Dashboard. Click on the campaign that you’d like to relaunch, then click the green “relaunch” button. You’ll be able to adjust your prices, sales goal and end date before continuing.

After relaunching, anyone who hit the “I would buy this shirt” button on your campaign page will automatically receive an email alerting them that they now have an opportunity to buy your product and support your campaign.

Which path is right for you?
If you’re running an exclusive single-run campaign, relaunching is likely not for you. Though, if you plan to keep offering your product, re-launching helps you work towards sales goals. To help you make the best decision for your campaigns, we’ve put together this list of benefits for each scenario:

Smart Launch
  • Running campaigns for 2-3+ consecutive months
  • Maximize value with no blackout dates for buyers
  • Pairs well with static links on website, emails and social profiles
  • Exclusive, time-sensitive or limited edition designs and styles
Manual Relaunch
  • Running campaigns 1-2x in a specific time period (i.e. annually)
  • More control on shipping and delivery dates
  • More control on launch date to prep marketing materials
  • Staples or evergreen designs and styles
No Relaunch
  • One-time offering


Plan a future campaign

Maybe your current campaign process has brought about fresh design ideas, or perhaps you would like to create a portfolio of a few different designs to sell. With Bonfire, you can create a suite of campaigns to cycle through, or make each a one-time limited run.

If you don’t want to sell year-round, perhaps it’s best to look at your calendar and the goals you want to reach to determine the best way selling shirts fits into what you want to accomplish in the long-term. Some sellers find seasonal shirt sales are the best way to continue bringing in money throughout the year.

If you have questions about how to create the best program for your shirt sales, you can talk to one of our Seller Success team members here. We would love to help you figure out a plan that works for you.

Stay Connected with the Bonfire Community

Invites Program
Share the Bonfire love with your community! You can invite friends, family and third party organizations to join Bonfire’s community of sellers and earn up to $100 for each new account. For every shirt they sell, they get an extra $1 and you get $1.

Share your experience with Bonfire and your unique invite link on social networks, forums, personal blogs, or through email. You can find your invite link on the “Invites” section of your seller dashboard. When someone follows your invite link and launches a campaign, you’ll both earn $1 per shirt sold (up to $100 per invitee). Your available earnings will show up in the “Payouts” section of your dashboard.

This can be a great way to continue to generate income through Bonfire, but it can also really help others in your community reach their own goals through a Bonfire campaign!

Follow us on social media and be a part of the larger Bonfire community of sellers! We are constantly celebrating the awesome things our community members are doing, and we want to make sure you don’t miss out when we share about YOU!


Don’t forget, our Seller Experience team is here at any stage of the process if you’re feeling stuck or want to jump ahead to launch and promotion.

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