Top 10 T-Shirt Design Trends for 2024

It’s a new year, which means new design trends for t-shirts! We looked through our favorite designs from the past year to help you get ahead on the newest trends. Explore the 10 new t-shirt design trends for 2024 below to see how you can get these looks for your next t-shirt creation.

  1. Blooming Brilliance: A Showcase of Floral Designs
  2. Sketchbook Style: Hand-Drawn Designs
  3. Small Space, Big Statement: “Pocket” Print Designs
  4. Vintage Vibes: Retro Font Revival Designs
  5. Culinary Creations: Edible Delight Designs
  6. Frontier Flair: Cowboy-Inspired Designs
  7. Paws and Prints: Artsy Animal Designs
  8. Folklore Fusion: Folk Art-Inspired Designs
  9. Creative Collaborations: Guest Artist Designs
  10. Typography Totes: Text-Focused Tote Bag Designs

Blooming Brilliance: A Showcase of Floral Designs

Flowers aren’t just for Spring – they’re strong symbols of growth, renewal, and hope all year long! 

Tips for using this design: Let’s give those florals room to bloom! Stick them on a background that makes them pop – light designs rock on dark shirts, and dark designs steal the show on lighter ones. Your floral elements can be as realistic or stylized as you’d like, and they can also be as detailed or simplistic as you’d prefer. When selecting flowers for your design, it’s essential to contemplate the meanings associated with specific flower types to discover the perfect match.

Sketchbook Style: Hand-Drawn Designs

This trend goes to show that simplicity doesn’t equate to being ordinary. Bring a unique blend of creativity and personal flair to your designs with hand-drawn illustrations and typography.

Tips for using this design: Let’s talk about adding some hand-drawn magic to your design! It’s like unlocking a whole world of creativity that can lead to some seriously eye-catching results. Try playing around with different styles – go for that charmingly “imperfect” and maybe a bit “messy” look or switch it up to something more “crisp” and “clean.” The style you choose? Well, it’s all about the message you want to send and the audience you want to engage.

Small Space, Big Statement: “Pocket” Print Designs

By featuring a small “pocket” print on the front of your apparel, you can peak curiosity and inspire conversations. This trend shows that a little design can make a big impact.

Tips for using this design: When you’re tackling the front “pocket” area of your shirt, remember that space is tight, so let’s make it count! If you’re adding text, go for something bold and super easy to read. And for pictures, keep it simple, so even on a smaller scale, it’s crystal clear. 

Vintage Vibes: Retro Font Revival Designs

Sometimes the best design inspiration is right in front of you, or, in this case, sometimes it’s right behind you. Drawing from the aesthetics of times past allows you to evoke a sense of nostalgia and tap into the cherished memories of yesteryears. Feel free to get into the groove with this design trend.

Tips for using this design: Retro fonts are full of personality – seek out fonts with bold strokes, unique serifs, or letters that just have that special feel you’re going for. But it’s not just about the letters – think big picture! Blend those retro fonts with colors, graphics, patterns, or illustrations from the good ol’ days to create a design that not only catches your eye but immerses you in a whole vibe. And hey, no matter which font steals your heart, make sure it’s easy on the eyes and looks fabulous at any size!

Culinary Creations: Edible Delight Designs

We’re here for comfort – and comfort foods! Incorporate meal-time must-haves to your designs to add a tasty twist. This trend is super playful and lots of fun. 

Tips for using this design: Use color palettes inspired by the food you’re depicting. For example, vibrant greens and reds for fruits or warm browns for baked goods. Shake things up with typography that’s as fun as your favorite dish – imagine spaghetti-shaped letters or donuts spelling out your message. It’s the little details that add that extra flair to your designs. And why not throw in a seasonal twist? Picture pumpkin spice embodying the cozy warmth of fall or ice cream cones capturing the pure essence of summer. 

Frontier Flair: Cowboy-Inspired Designs

Add some yeehaw energy to your designs by incorporating imagery and typography inspired by the Old West! This trend is ready to go for a ride and make a statement. Cowboy hat not included, but definitely encouraged. 

Tips for using this design: Elevate your Western aesthetic by weaving in cowboy accessories such as buckles, studs, or fringe details into your designs. These seemingly small elements have the power to make a significant impact on the overall look and feel. As you dive into this design adventure, embrace the cowboy theme with genuine authenticity and a whole lot of respect for the cowboy culture. Keep an eye on historical accuracy and cultural nuances to make sure your designs not only look good but also resonate positively with everyone.

Paws and Prints: Artsy Animal Designs

This trend is for all the animal lovers out there! Unleash your creativity and add some furry friends to your designs.

Tips for using this design: Pick animals that really speak to your audience or convey the message you have in mind. Think about the special meanings tied to different animals. Sometimes, it’s just perfect to make one particular animal the star of your design. Go for an animal with a lot of personality or a story that people can relate to. When it comes to your design style, ask yourself if you’re leaning towards realistic depictions, playful illustrations, or artsy abstract takes on animals.

Folklore Fusion: Folk Art-Inspired Designs

This trend celebrates cultural richness with a contemporary twist. Add a dash of folksy charm to your designs by incorporating intricate patterns, bright colors, and beautiful details.

Tips for using this design: Let your designs tell lively stories, narrating culture, traditions, and the everyday beauty. Infuse them with folk-inspired elements for a deep connection and richer meaning. Boost your creativity by creating your own unique folk patterns, avoiding generic ones to give your designs a special touch. Approach folk art with genuine cultural sensitivity and respect, keeping in mind the cultural context to pay homage, not unintentionally appropriate traditions.

Creative Collaborations: Guest Artist Designs

Take your collection to a whole new level by partnering with a guest artist to create your design! This trend is innovative, exciting, and celebrates community. 

Tips for using this design: While it’s crucial to offer guidance, giving the guest artist creative freedom is equally important. Trust their skills and unique viewpoint to bring that special spark to our apparel collection. Actively acknowledge and promote the guest artist’s work, recognizing that collaboration is a two-way street where showcasing their talent benefits both parties. Ensure their name, bio, and social media handles are highlighted alongside the apparel featuring their artwork.

Typography Totes: Text-Focused Tote Bag Designs

Embrace the written word with this design trend that seamlessly blends style and self-expression. You can carry your favorite quotes, mantras, or witty phrases with you everywhere you go! 

Tips for using this trend: Find a message or phrase that really speaks to your audience – something empowering, amusing, or thought-provoking. Play around with fonts until you discover the one that perfectly complements your message. Don’t forget about readability, especially if your text is stealing the spotlight. Mix things up by trying out different layouts; it’s like a puzzle where alignment, size, and spacing come together to create a design that’s not just visually appealing but dynamic and well-balanced. Let your creativity flow as you design typography that not only catches the eye but tells a story.

Here’s to a year filled with bold, beautiful choices, both in your t-shirt designs and daily life. We can’t wait to see what you create in 2024! 

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Written by: Hayden Ireland / Content Specialist
Illustrated by: Madison Summers / Lead Marketing Designer

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