Sorority T-Shirt Design Trends

Stuck on what your next sorority tee should look like? Our t-shirt design experts have studied the most recent trends in Greek apparel design and gathered the 5 top trends they’re seeing this school year. Keep your sorority’s apparel on trend by getting inspired by these top designs ideas. 

1. Retro Typography

Get groovy with your design and throw it back to the ’60s and ’70s with retro fonts in psychedelic colors. Using a vintage font in a funky color is an easy way to create a simple graphic tee for your sorority that is easy to pair with other accessories. So whether you style it with a floral skirt or jeans, you’re bound to look fantastic. 

Get Groovy: Check out a free font site to find some typography inspiration and download fonts to use in your design. Or, step up your game by hand lettering your sorority’s name using these retro designs as inspiration! Don’t underestimate the power of color. Reds, yellows, light blues, and pinks are great go-to colors to help you achieve that 1970’s look.

2. Minimalist Designs

Sometimes the best designs are minimalist and classic. Balance out your apparel options within your sorority by providing minimalist designs that focus mainly on your sorority’s name. This design style works really well for Sweatshirts.

Keep it Simple: Choose a font that is either modern and minimalist, or classic and collegiate. Use the name of your sorority as the base of the design, and add something like your established date underneath.

3. Western Illustrations

Have fun with western fonts and imagery, especially if your school is located in the western US, or if your t-shirts are being made for a fundraising event with an outdoorsy theme. Whether you go cowboy or campy, have fun with those western vibes for your next t-shirt.

Get the Look: Use imagery of trees, mountains, cow skulls, and stars. Find fonts that have an Americana or vintage look. Make your design more feminine by balancing western imagery with a script font or floral illustrations integrated into your design.

4. Florals

Flowers will never go out of style, and there are so many ways to integrate flowers into your design. Florals can be used as the main focus of your design, or simply as supporting content around your sorority’s name or event name.

Flower Power: The great thing about floral imagery is that they can be drawn in so many different ways. You can make them delicate, groovy, or drawn in a traditional tattoo style for a more edgy vibe.

5. Objects as Letters

Have some fun and think outside of the box by turning your letters into objects! This can be a really creative idea if you are making your shirts for a specific event or season.

Get the Look: Think about objects that are within the theme of your event or reason for making the shirt. Is the tee for a Pizza Night? Make your Sorority’s name out of Pizza. Once you know the object, get creative with illustrating your name out of that thing.

6. Handwritten Script

You can never go wrong with hand drawn script fonts. Script is another style that has such a range of moods, so it can be edgy, funky, or soft and delicate. It’s flexibility in interpretation makes it a great choice for almost any t-shirt you’re designing.

Loop Your Letters: Because of the diversity in script font styles, the first step of designing your tee is deciding what type of script font you want to use. Then start playing around with making that design more interesting by using fun colors, adding lines or other design elements around the letters, or combining your script with other words in a sans serif font.

7. Repeating Text

We’re seeing this trend everywhere these days. Take your words, and repeat them a few times. As you can see in these examples, this technique works with a wide range of design types.

Repeat After Me: The key to this design trend is simple: Create a design you love, and then repeat it, and repeat it again. You want to make sure there’s at least three lines of text so the repetition feels intentional, but the sky’s the limit on how many times you copy/paste your design.

Ready to create your sorority’s shirt with one of these design trends?

We hope these design trends have inspired you to create your next rocking’ sorority t-shirt design. If you want to keep looking for more inspiration, check out our Sorority T-shirt Pinterest Board.

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