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The Best T-Shirt Colors and Styles

The process of choosing apparel to compliment your ultimate t-shirt design can be stressful. There’s no need to get overwhelmed by the many combinations of styles and colors because Bonfire has your back. Stick to dark color and offer buyer-proven, “favorite” styles for both men and women. Read Bonfire’s list of the best t-shirt colors and styles and you will still be able to break the internet with your ultimate t-shirt design.

Bonfire ran the numbers on the top selling t-shirt styles and colors – our data showed that darker shirts are overwhelmingly the most popular, and this remains true throughout all seasons. Product options in black, navy, and dark heather grey were buyers’ top 3 favorite colors. These colors sold best when paired with Bonfire’s top 3 best-selling shirt styles. These include the Premium Unisex Tee and Women’s Slim Fit Tee from Next Level Apparel, and Long Sleeve Tee from Gildan.

Best T-shirt Colors

#1 Shirt Color: Black

Black t-shirts are the most popular t-shirt color

This dark t-shirt makes a fantastic canvas to help your design really pop. Designs are able to strike the eye while the shirt itself effortlessly adds support to your outfit. Black is the perfect background for light-colored images and text. They combine like peanut butter and jelly and yield a stark, yet tasty contrast. Plus, black goes with everything in your wardrobe.


#2 Shirt Color: Navy

Navy colored t-shirts are the second most popular t-shirt color

Ask Women’s March on Washington about selling navy-colored shirts on Bonfire. They sold thousands, and you could be next. Navy is a blend of neutrality and sophistication — a true classic. Offer this shirt color with light-colored images and text, and make your buyers’ choice easy.


#3 Shirt Color: Dark Heather Grey

Dark heather gray t-shirts are the third most popular t-shirt color

There’s a reason that Mark Zuckerberg wears the same colored dark grey shirt every day. He heard about Bonfire’s dark heather grey products and knew he had to simplify his shirt choice forever. Well, not really, but Bonfire’s dark heather grey is truly effortless. Both light and dark images and text perfectly pop. Also, minimalist and fashion-forward buyers will be satisfied with this color’s versatility.

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Best T-shirt Styles

#1 Shirt Style: Premium Unisex Tee

Unisex t-shirts are the most popular t-shirt style

This classic unisex shirt style really is for everyone. Include this style in your Bonfire product lineup to ensure that there’s a standard t-shirt option for your audience to choose. Plus, the world will be collectively happier because of how amazing these shirts feel.

#2 Shirt Style: Women’s Slim Fit Tee

Women's slim fit t-shirts are the second most popular t-shirt style

Pillow-soft cotton fabric and an ideal feminine fit make up this style’s DNA. Our Women’s Slim Fit Tees offer wearability with a touch of chic. This style is produced by the same vendor as our Premium Unisex Tee. The fabric and color choices will match, making these two products the perfect pair. Make sure to tell your buyers that this style runs slim. We recommend ordering 1 to 2 sizes up from your normal size in a unisex shirt for a more relaxed fit.

#3 Shirt Style: Long Sleeve Tee

Long sleeve t-shirts are the third most popular t-shirt style

The boxy, long sleeve shirt comfortably nests your body in 100% pre-shrunk cotton fabric. The long sleeves keep harmful rays out while holding warmth in on a windy day. The versatility of this classic style ensures it can be worn all year round.

The key to creating the ultimate t-shirt is pairing neutral-colored shirts with complementary images and text. Light-colored images and text work best for black, greys, and navy. When it comes to breaking selling records and choosing shirt styles, remember that buyers are diverse. For more information on designing your shirt with the right colors, read our guide on t-shirt and ink color combinations.

While these findings show the top 3 favorites, the other colors we offer are still solid choices. Think about what your shirts will be used for and what your audience would get excited about. You can even poll some friends for feedback. Just remember, if you do decide to go with a lighter shirt color, make sure your design is darker so that it will be visible on the shirt.