Seller Guide

1 - plan your campaign hero hero

Seller Guide Chapter 1: Planning Your Campaign

If you’ve signed up for Bonfire, you’re likely checking out Bonfire Campaigns, our most popular way of creating shirts, totes, mugs, hats, and more for your community. With a Bonfire Campaign, you can design and sell your creations in a risk-free way. You don’t have to buy any merchandise upfront,

2 - Creating the Right Product hero

Seller Guide Chapter 2: Creating Your Products

Creating a quality product your community will want to use over and over again is the underlying goal of a Bonfire campaign because selling more t-shirts, mugs, totes, or hats is how you’re going to reach any other goals you set out to achieve. This chapter explains how to design

3 - Promoting your Campaign hero

Seller Guide Chapter 3: Promoting your Campaign

Now that you’ve applied the knowledge you have about your community to create products that inspire them, it’s time to sell some shirts! Get the campaign rolling by purchasing the first item or two yourself, and then share the news of your newly launched products with everyone else. Rally Your

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