Seller Guide

Seller Guide Chapter 1: Planning Your Campaign

Welcome to Bonfire – we’re so glad you’re here! If you’ve made an account with us, you’re likely interested in creating a campaign to design and sell merch for your community. Our apparel-based campaigns are user-friendly, risk-free, and provide you with access to the highest quality custom products. We’ve always

Seller Guide Chapter 2: Creating Your Products

You’ve worked hard planning out your campaign – establishing a timeline, setting goals, and getting to know your audience. Now it’s time for the really fun stuff – creating your products! In this chapter, you’ll learn how to design quality products on Bonfire that your community will love. We’ll walk

Seller Guide Chapter 3: Promoting Your Campaign

You’ve launched your campaign and you’re probably wondering…now what?! Don’t worry, in this chapter, we’ll take you through what happens after your campaign is up and running. First of all, take a moment to do a little happy dance and celebrate the fact that your campaign is officially LIVE! Hooray!

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