Design Trend: Plant Shirts

The Bonfire Design Team is always on the lookout for the next trends in t-shirt design. What’s hot right now? Plants. It makes sense, who doesn’t love a wander through the greenhouse or succulent-filled apartment? Check out these amazing shirt designs as we dive into the trend of: Plant Shirts!


Whether flowers are the focus of your design, or just a flourish, they’re always a great way to add intricacy to your design. Flowers represent growth, beauty, hope, and transformation, but they can also just be used as decoration.

Get the Look: Choose the word or phrase you wish to feature in your shirt design, then use decorative floral accents to frame the words in your design. Wrap the flowers around the words in your design to create a more flowy and less squared off look to your design as a whole. You can also draw a more complex design with flowers as the main element, and add smaller text around it.

Desert Plants

Succulents, such as aloe, jade, cacti, are all the rage right now, so it’s no surprise they’re a common motif in t-shirt designs as well. Plants such as these work really well in designs about a cause or event happening in a desert-like setting. But they can also be used to bring character to a more simple text-based design as well.

Get the Look: A succulent or cactus can stand on its own as the main focus of a design, or simply accent a text-based design you create. Draw your illustration with thin lines, or full color, either way, your shirt is bound to make a statement.

Get Started with a Trendy Design Template

Explore our collection of professionally designed nature and flower-themed t-shirt templates. They’re fully customizable and 100% free to use.


The tree represents family, growth, roots, and a firm foundation. Thus, the image of a tree can be used in any shirt design from an adoption fundraiser campaign, to an Earth day event tee. There are also so many types of trees to choose from. Does your cause resonate more with the spirit of a giant oak tree, or a tall pine?

Get the Look: Choose the type of tree variety that matches the spirit of your campaign most. If you’re creating a shirt for your family reunion in Florida, perhaps a tropical palm tree fits best with your design’s purpose.

Once you’ve chosen your tree, think about words or phrases that match well with the message you’re trying to convey. Are you trying to create a design about the growth of your family? The deep roots of your community? The mountainous environment of a campsite? Use this to guide the messaging on your plant shirt.


Decorative illustrations of greenery and vines are a great way to add complexity to even the most basic designs. You can use these elements to encapsulate minimalist words or phrases, or really wrap them around your text to become more decorative and complex.

Get the Look: Once you’ve chosen the message and formatting of your shirt design, use delicate vine illustrations to add a hint of complexity to your design. Greenery can be placed above, under, or to the side of a bold word to bring a natural and humanist vibe to your design.

Feeling overwhelmed with the thought of creating a custom design? Check out our free t-shirt design templates that will help you get started! You can customize these templates to make them specific to your needs so that you can create your community’s new favorite t-shirt!

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