Interview: How One Viral TikTok Helped This Library Raise Over $60,000 in One Week

“First, think small. Second, think big.” The Meridian Library Foundation caught our attention at the end of last year when sales from their Read Banned Books campaign on Bonfire suddenly skyrocketed – seemingly out of nowhere. Their campaign had gone viral, thanks to a TikTok, and was receiving an unprecedented

Interview: How Patrick J. Rhodes Is Making a Positive and Consistent Impact – Starting in His Community

“One person can make a difference. That one person could be you if you care enough.” Patrick J. Rhodes (aka @PatrickTheGiver) is passionate about giving back. He is a living example of how one person can enact lasting change just by starting where they are, with what they have. Through

How Venus Williams Is Using Custom Merch to Shine a Spotlight on Wage Inequality

Be part of the change to close the gap and raise awareness about people being paid for their effort, not their gender. Venus Williams is a trailblazer. An innovator. An advocate. She’s known worldwide for her outstanding achievements in professional tennis. Venus is the former World No. 1, a seven-time

Coming Together to Celebrate Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month, and we are celebrating by showcasing a collection of campaigns from the Bonfire Community that are raising funds to uplift, empower, and amplify women. Purchasing products from any or all of these campaigns will help support the people and organizations that are fighting, striving, and

Bonfire Sellers Who Are All About Pride

June is Pride Month, and Bonfire is full of incredible Pride-inspired merch. Here are some awesome Bonfire sellers with campaigns celebrating all-things PRIDE. Check them out below and show your support not just this month, but all year too! We Need Diverse Books – Support LGBTQIA+ Youth Campaign We Need

Creators Who Are Raising Money for Good Causes

These creators are rolling up their sleeves and getting involved – using the resources they have at hand, as well as their individual skill sets, to raise money for causes they believe in. By using their platform to advocate for social change, they are paving the way for others to

Takis Shelter Finds a New Way to Support Their Mission

The story of Takis Shelter is a story that starts as one man’s mission to provide love to every dog that has been deemed unlovable – no matter the cost – and then becomes a story of how it takes a village, a global village, to come together and make

Bonfire Sellers Raising Funds for Reproductive Rights

Since the Supreme Court draft was leaked earlier this month, news and social media sites (as well as many of our thoughts and daily conversations) have been filled with updates surrounding the Supreme Court’s effective overturning of Roe v. Wade. People all over the nation have taken to the streets

International Women’s Day 2022: The Amazing Women in the Bonfire Community

Our community is the best community! Did you know that the majority of fundraisers on Bonfire are created by women? This International Women’s Day we’re celebrating the incredible women in our Bonfire community, and the causes that mean so much to them. Olga Muzician Olga Muzician (@olgamuzician) is a New

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