International Women’s Day 2022: The Amazing Women in the Bonfire Community

Our community is the best community! Did you know that the majority of fundraisers on Bonfire are created by women? This International Women’s Day we’re celebrating the incredible women in our Bonfire community, and the causes that mean so much to them.

Olga Muzician

Olga Muzician (@olgamuzician) is a New Jersey/New York-based artist focused primarily on lettering. She was born and raised in Ukraine and has many friends and family members there. With the unthinkable devastation in Ukraine, Olga knew she wanted to find a way to give back to her country. She launched Stand with Ukraine, a t-shirt fundraiser that’s donating 100% of the proceeds to the Revived Soldiers Ukraine, a nonprofit organization that helps severely-wounded Ukrainian soldiers with medical needs.

Charnaie Gordon 

Charnaie Gordon (@hereweeread) is a digital creator and reader who has been helping families diversify their bookshelves since 2015. She launched her Will You Be My Bookentine t-shirt to raise money for 50 States 50 Books, her nonprofit organization that is working to help close the literacy gap in America and expose more children to diverse and inclusive literature.

Monica Engle Thomas

Monica Thomas (@monicaenglethomas) is reclaiming the disabled narrative! She was born with a rare disease called Charcot Marie Tooth, a hereditary peripheral neuropathy, which is a progressive, degenerative disease with no real treatments and no cure. Monica designed her Reclaim the Disabled Narrative shirt to raise awareness and create a representation of what living with a disability is like. “It’s time we show the world that life with a disability is messy and beautiful and complex and real.”

Emmy Marie

Emmy Marie (@bloomingwithemmy) is a certified trauma-informed life coach, speaker, and advocate who specializes in helping trauma survivors own their truth, reject toxic shame and create joyful relationships and lives despite having a painful past. Emmy created the Healing is a Radical Act shirt to help people remember that your healing matters, your healing is important, and your healing is a radical act that deserves acknowledgment and celebration.

Sakari Kasinova

Sakari Kasinova (@sakarikasinova) is a black and queer educator and advocate based in Rhode Island. She aims to design pieces that provide representation, spark conversations, and raise awareness for the Black & LGBTQIA+ communities! Sakari launched the EqALLity t-shirt campaign. A portion of the proceeds from shirts sold will go towards The Sakari Kasinova EquALLity Scholarship, which will provide tuition assistance to a future world changer.

Laura Mae Ramsey 

Laura Mae Ramsey (@lauramaeramsey) is an artist, writer, and mental health advocate. She strives to create a safe space with her community while tackling the difficult topics of mental illness and chronic health problems. Laura strongly advocates that it’s okay to be human and to always remember we are more than our struggles. She designed her It’s O.K. t-shirt as a reminder to not be afraid to feel and embrace your emotions.

Savannah Stuard

Savannah Stuard (@theonearmesavyy) is a motivation and lifestyle blogger who was born different and is proud! She launched her Made Worthy apparel collection on Bonfire to empower, motivate, and inspire positivity for all. The shirt’s design features mountains as a reminder that mountains are made differently, just like people are!

Aimee + Lindie

Aimee Swift (@aimeeswift) is a down syndrome advocate and a nature enthusiast. When the annual Buddy Walk was right around the corner, she knew it was time to launch another t-shirt fundraiser for their favorite buddy, Lindie Fern! Her Be a Nice Human shirt benefits the Down Syndrome Association of Tulsa and the Little Light House, a developmental center that provides educational & therapeutic services to children with special needs ❤️.


Natonya (@sheiconic) is a body-positive advocate looking to change the fashion industry and the way women view themselves through one t-shirt at a time. She is the founder of SHEICONIC, a new community that promotes body positivity by celebrating ALL women. Her SHEICONIC merch line includes a variety of campaigns that raise awareness for self-love.

Marie Boiseau

Marie Boiseau (@marieboiseau) is a French freelance illustrator living in Nantes. She created the Welcome to the Jungle Charity tee for all the plant lovers out there! 100% of the proceeds from her campaign were donated to En Avan Toutesa, a French charity that fights for gender equality and the end of violence against women and LGBTQI+ people.

AJ Sanders

AJ Sanders (@readingwithglamour) is a book lover and an advocate for fertility loss, pregnancy, and love. AJ created a merch line to share some of her favorite book slogans with her fellow book-loving community. Her Reading Fuels My Soul shirt is the perfect piece of merch for every book enthusiast! “Reading and engaging with this community has been one of the highlights of my life in this season. I feel alive. I feel present. Reading fuels my soul. And I believe it fuels yours too.”

You can see more inspiring women of the Bonfire community by exploring our feminist t-shirts in the Bonfire Marketplace, or by following us on Instagram to see what the women of the Bonfire community are up to every day of the year.

Written by Elise Nardo
Written by Elise Nardo

Elise is the Brand Marketing Specialist at Bonfire.

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