Case Study: Promoting your Campaign (with Marla Catherine)

Strategic promotion of your Bonfire campaign is the most important action you can take to influence shirt sales. Create a Promotion Schedule to ensure you are keeping your campaign top of mind for your community during the length of shirt sales. To demonstrate, we will be walking through the campaign promotion strategy of Marla Catherine, who sold 3,170 shirts in less than two weeks!

Rank Social Channels by Importance

Before you begin crafting your promotion schedule, evaluate which platforms are the most important for your audience. Which social channels do you have the largest and most engaged audiences on? Post most often on the channels where a majority of your community is, and focus less efforts on your less developed social channels. For Marla Catherine, Youtube and Instagram are her most important channels, with Twitter being the least developed.

Schedule your Promotions

Now that you know which social media channels are the most popular for your audience, determine how many times you want to post on each platform. Space out your posts over the life of your campaign, with an emphasis on the beginning and ending of your campaign. And remember, you don’t have to post every single day.  Here’s an example of a 5-post plan, which works well for a 10-14 day campaign:

  • Launch Day: Raise awareness of your campaign and explain the products you are offering on Bonfire. Use your best photos that make the shirt look like a “must-have”.
  • Day 3: As you build awareness about your campaign, consider highlighting a specific shirt style, color, or seasonal benefit.
  • Day 6: Post an update on your campaign status, especially if you are trying to reach a sales goal that the buyer audience is interested in. You can also give your community a look inside the making of your t-shirt design.
  • 2 Days Left: Time is running out. Let people know how close you are to hitting campaign-related goals, and remind them that time is winding down for them to get their shirt.
  • Last Call: Make the most of the last day of your campaign. Oftentimes this is the largest sales day for campaigns. Emphasise that this is the last chance to get a shirt, if you don’t plan on relaunching.

Marla Catherine scheduled posts throughout the length of her campaign. She determined the frequency of posts on each channel based on the audience size of each channel. Because Youtube is biggest for her, she posted about her campaign on Youtube six times. She posted on Instagram three times, since it is the next important social channel for her. She only sent one tweet, because that’s where her following is smallest. 


Create Engaging Visuals

The way you present your product to your audience can make or break whether they are willing to pull out their credit card to buy a shirt. Marla ordered shirts ahead of time so that she could take photos in her shirts to promote with. You can buy as few as 1 shirt from Supply by Bonfire to create awesome promotional photos for your campaign. Make sure you take a few different styles of photos, so that people don’t become tired by seeing the same photo over and over again. Marla took three sets of photos, with three different product styles, to show off the array of products she was offering.

Structure Well-Written Posts

Use an attention grabbing introduction, especially when you are introducing your campaign on the first day. If proceeds are going to a cause, include that information in the post. Emphasise the short-term nature of the campaign by using bold phrases such as “limited run”, “Don’t miss out” and “Available for a limited time”. Don’t forget to include an image of the shirt in your post, as well as the URL people can click on if they want to purchase a shirt.

Vary the Content

Think strategically about what you talk about on each channel, and in each post. Don’t be a broken record. Once people start seeing the same appeal in their feed over and over, interest turns to eyerolls. By varying the content in each post,  you’ll keep your potential supporters engaged. Marla Catherine varied the way she talked about her shirts each time she would post about them. She also changed up the way she promoted them in her videos as well.

Encourage shares

Get your engaged community to work for you! Ask them to repost, share, and  retweet, about the campaign on their own social media profiles. This can help your audience feel like they have an active role in your campaign’s progress.

marla-collageAsk for Photos

Encourage your community to post photos of themselves wearing your swag! This will create even more excitement/sense of community amongst your followers. And it will also create demand for a relaunch of your campaign for those who missed out the first time. Marla’s fan base posted dozens of photos of themselves rocking their new gear, and the photos have helped spread the hype about her t-shirt design.


Tips for Promoting on Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook

Here’s some things to think about when posting on three of the top social media platform our sellers use to promote. Every platform is different, and each has their own set of things to think about when you promote your campaign.


Tips for Youtube Promotion

  • Wear the shirt in your video while you talk about it. Buy one or two with Supply so that you have a few options to use.
  • Provide a specific “call to action” when you talk about the campaign. Talk about how much time is left to purchase.
  • Don’t create a specific promo video for your new apparel– they tend to not get as many views. Instead, focus on creating your regular content (while wearing the shirt) and mention the campaign briefly at some point during the video.
  • Post a link to the campaign in your video descriptions. That way, people who love the shirt know exactly where to go to get their shirt.  


Tips for Instagram Promotion

  • Make the URL Clickable. Put the URL to your campaign in your Instagram profile so that people can easily click through to purchase a shirt.
  • Minimize linking. If you typically use tools like Linktree, replace your linktree link with the Bonfire campaign link for the life of your campaign. When you are selling shirts, you want to minimize the effort it takes for someone to get to the campaign page to checkout, and Linktree adds a barrier to your potential buyers.
  • Change up the Visuals. Having engaging visuals is most important if Instagram is one of your most popular channels. Make sure you have a collection of rocking instagram photos of your shirt, and vary the style of the photos so that your community doesn’t get bored.
  • Take advantage of Instagram Stories. Because of Instagram’s new algorithms, not everyone will see your post about your campaign. Instagram stories are a great way to break through the noise of an Instagram feed.


Tips for Facebook Promotion

  • Test out Boosted Posts. Regular posts on your Facebook page are only seen by a small portion of your community. In order to reach a larger percentage of them, Facebook lets you pay to “boost” your post, putting your campaign in front of way more people.
  • Pin your post about the shirt to the top of your Facebook Page. This will increase the visibility of the campaign to your followers and make sure that anyone who visits your Facebook page sees your shirt campaign.
  • Share on your personal Facebook wall. The effectiveness of sharing on your personal Facebook feed depends on the type of campaign you are running. If your friends and family fall within your target community, you are good to go!


Marla Catherine’s promotion strategy is just one representation of how you can promote your campaign well.  Hundreds of people and organizations host successful campaigns on Bonfire every day, and each of their promotion strategies is unique to their goals and their cause. Figure out what will work best for your audience, and trust your instincts. We’ve created a Promotion Checklist to help guide you along the way. And remember, if you ever have questions, the Bonfire team is always here to help.