Fundraising with Bonfire and Classy

How to Use Bonfire with Your Classy Peer-to-Peer Fundraiser

Peer-to-peer fundraising is one of the most powerful fundraising methods for nonprofits that give individuals the opportunity to raise money on behalf of your organization. If your nonprofit is already using Classy, you’re likely familiar with the power of peer-to-peer fundraising, and we’re here to show you how our Bonfire

International Women’s Day 2021: Celebrating Women Today & Everyday

The Bonfire community is overflowing with incredible women determined to serve, dream, and build a better future for their communities. Today, on International Women’s Day, we are celebrating 11 of the amazing women and women’s organizations that are changing the world one t-shirt at a time. Jessica Curtisi Jessica Curtisi

face mask fundraiser hero image

How to Launch a Successful Face Mask Fundraiser

Mask fundraising is a low-risk, high-return fundraising strategy that can help your nonprofit raise money for your cause and keep your supporters safe at the same time. While it’s very similar to a t-shirt fundraiser, there are a few key differences you should consider before launching your mask fundraiser. In

The Influence of the Black Lives Matter Movement on Design

When the Black Lives Matter movement reached new heights in 2020, we began to see hundreds of community fundraisers raising money for organizations fighting racism across the world.  In the midst of protests, marches, and gathering in solidarity, art and design became an integral part of communicating the messages of

Interview: An 8-Year-Old Boy Stands Up to Racism

In 2016, Sara Lucero and her family came to Bonfire to raise money for their adoption. They were working to adopt Kohen, a then-4-year-old boy, from the foster care system. Little did they know, they would return to Bonfire to fundraise for Kohen’s nonprofit Team End Racism, just a few

2020 best of bonfire winners

2020 Best of Bonfire Winners

The votes are in! We started with 1,228 entries, and now we’re excited to announce the 2020 Best of Bonfire winners! If your design is a winner, be on the lookout for an email from us soon with more information about claiming your prize. Best Animal Design Best Design Empowering

Gifts that give back to animals hero image

10 Thoughtful Gifts that Give Back to Animals

Looking for a gift that gives back to an animal cause but still wows the person you’re giving it to? You’re in the right place. Sit back, relax, and browse with ease because your holiday shopping just got a whole lot easier with these 10 gift ideas that give back

Nonprofit Highlight: Love Without Boundaries Foundation

Love Without Boundaries Foundation is an international charity whose mission is to provide hope and healing to orphaned and vulnerable children and their communities. They truly believe that every child on earth deserves love and that every child’s life counts! Love Without Boundaries ran a variety of campaigns through Bonfire

Gifts for book lovers hero image

13 of the Best Gifts for Book Lovers That Aren’t Books

Shopping for your favorite book lover? Even if you don’t quite understand their affinity for page after page of words, and you find their apartment filled with reading material a little overwhelming, you can still get them the perfect gift. Below you’ll find a bunch of our favorite gift ideas

Nonprofit Highlight: Child Rescue Coalition

Child Rescue Coalition is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to rescue children from sexual abuse by crafting new technology to be used by law enforcement. With the use of their technology, over 600,000 cases of child abuse have been prevented. Child Rescue Coalition’s mission is made possible through the

Holiday 2020: How to Make the Most of the Giving Season

COVID isn’t keeping the Bonfire elves down! They’ve been hard at work making improvements to Bonfire just in time for the giving season. These new features and new products will help you maximize your sales during the holidays, and help you reach your holiday sales goals even faster. Related Products

Announcing the 2020 Best of Bonfire Finalists

After reviewing over 1,200 entries, we’re excited to announce the 2020 Best of Bonfire finalists! While it wasn’t an easy decision, the designs we selected as finalists stood out from all the other entries and really blew us away with their creativity. Voting to determine the winner in each category

gifts for activists

9 Affordable Gift Ideas for Activists

Give a gift this holiday season that that goes towards a good cause and advocates to bring about real change in the world. If you’re not sure where you could even find a gift like that, don’t worry, you’re in the right place. We searched high and low and found

10 Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Feminist

Give a gift that warms the heart of your dearest feminist friend and works to empower women and our world at the same time! We’ve scoured the web to find 10 of our favorite female-empowering, patriarchy smashing, womxn-uplifting gifts for this holiday season. Nevertheless, She Persisted Puzzle This beautifully illustrated

2020 Best of Bonfire: Awarding the Best Designs of the Year

Today we’re excited to announce that the second annual Best of Bonfire is officially open for submissions! We’ve seen some truly amazing designs created this year and we’re bubbling with excitement to see which ones will rise to the top and crowned victorious. Enter your design in 1 of the

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