Give the Gift of Possibilities With a Bonfire Gift Card

You asked, we listened, and the moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here…

Introducing: Bonfire gift cards!

This launch redefines the art of giving – offering your friends, loved ones, and community members the opportunity to choose from a variety of products and meaningful causes to support on Bonfire.

Take the guesswork out of gifting and give the gift of possibilities instead. With Bonfire gift cards, it’s all about spreading love and making an impact, one card at a time. 

Buying a Bonfire Gift Card

It’s super easy to buy a Bonfire gift card! Begin by navigating to the Bonfire gift cards page. You can access this page from the Bonfire homepage under the Explore tab, as well as on campaign pages, the Dashboard, in the cart, and on the Gifts That Give Back Page.

Choosing Your Desired Dollar Amount

On the Bonfire gift cards page you will be able to choose your desired dollar amount. Recommended options include $10, $25, $50, $100, and $200, but you can also customize the gift card amount to suit your preferences.

Depending on which dollar amount you choose, your gift card will show as a different bold and beautiful color!

The minimum value of a gift card you can buy is $10. The maximum value you can buy is $1,000. 

Personalizing Your Bonfire Gift Card

Once you’ve selected your dollar amount, you’ll be prompted to answer a few simple questions to personalize your gift card.

Be sure to double-check the spelling of any names you include, your personalized message, and the recipient’s email address (if you are sending the gift card via email).

You can also choose to print your gift card for a personal touch if you plan to hand-deliver it or send it via snail mail. 

You cannot currently customize the design of the gift cards but you can customize the message that is sent with the gift card. 

Highlighting a Bonfire Campaign or Store Alongside a Gift Card

When you share a Bonfire gift card, you’re handing over the power to support a cause close to their heart. Bonfire gift cards can be used towards purchasing merchandise from any campaign or store on Bonfire.

Want to suggest a specific place to shop? Drop a link to a Bonfire campaign or store in the ‘Featured Campaign/Store’ section. It’s not just a gift card; it’s a chance to make their own impact in a way that matters to them.

Please note that Bonfire gift cards do not benefit a particular seller or organization until they are redeemed.

When Is the Gift Card Email Sent?

You have the choice to send your gift card instantly or to send it on a future date. Simply select your preference from the dropdown menu. 

Opting for ‘send instantly’ means your recipient should receive their gift card email within minutes of completing the transaction. 

Please allow up to an hour for the email to arrive, and consider checking spam inboxes if it doesn’t appear immediately.

Redeeming a Bonfire Gift Card

Did you receive a Bonfire gift card? Lucky you!

Discover the impact of your Bonfire gift card as you shop our Marketplace

Every product you select offers support, be it to an organization, a small business, or an independent artist. Your purchase isn’t just a transaction; it’s a meaningful act that empowers and uplifts. 

After you’ve added items to your cart and are ready to pay, select “Check Out with Card”. On the checkout page, enter the gift card code in the field on the right side of the page that says ‘Promotion Code’. 

Checking the Gift Card Balance

You can check the balance of a gift card by visiting the Buy a Bonfire gift card page. Below the gift card amounts, click the link that says ‘Check your gift card balance’.

You’ll then enter your gift card code and select ‘Check balance’.

You’ll be able to view your initial gift card amount, the remaining gift card balance, and the gift card expiration date. 

Your Bonfire gift card will be valid for 5 years, but don’t wait to spend it and amplify an incredible organization / cause! 

The launch of Bonfire gift cards is more than just a milestone; it’s a testament to the vibrant spirit of our community. Now, more than ever, the power to support meaningful causes is in your hands.

With Bonfire gift cards, the joy of giving extends far beyond the present moment—it becomes a gift of purpose, connection, and profound change.

Written by: Hayden Ireland / Content Specialist
Illustrated by: Madison Summers / Lead Marketing Designer

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