9 Ways to Make an Impact During Disability Pride Month

July is Disability Pride Month, a time to honor the history, achievements, experiences, and struggles of the disability community.

We’ve put together a list of campaigns that are raising funds and making a meaningful impact during Disability Pride Month – and all year long.

When you purchase a shirt from any of these Bonfire campaigns, you’ll be directly supporting organizations that are working to advance the inclusion, rights, and justice of people with disabilities.

Support The Arc

The Arc is an organization dedicated to promoting and protecting the rights of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). Their mission is to ensure that people with IDD have the opportunity to live full, independent, and inclusive lives within their communities. The Arc works to advocate for policy changes, provide support services, and raise awareness about the needs and abilities of individuals with IDD.

In celebration of Disability Pride Month, The Arc launched their impactful Disabled & Proud campaign. When you buy a shirt from this campaign you are actively contributing to funding their crucial work. All proceeds are directed towards The Arc and their 600+ state and local chapters across the nation, enabling them to provide a comprehensive range of services, support, and advocacy for individuals with IDD and their families.

Support Strong Like Sam

Strong Like Sam is more than a fundraiser, it’s a brand created by the Walsh Family. Through their awesome campaigns like Find Your Rainbows, the Walsh’s are spreading awareness, advocating for change, and raising funds to support the needs of their family. The reason and inspiration behind Strong Like Sam is Sam Walsh, a three year old boy living with cerebral palsy, PVL (Periventricular leukomalacia), and epilepsy. The Walsh’s are currently raising money to help cover the cost of a mobility vehicle for their family that will be adapted for Sam and will allow them to safely transport Sam to all his activities.

When you make a purchase from the Find Your Rainbows campaign, all proceeds will be directly allocated to the Walsh Family, helping them achieve their fundraising goals. The artwork for Find Your Rainbows was created by Illustrator Matt Carlson of Plaid Mtn.

Support Clearbrook

Clearbrook is an organization that provides innovative and personalized services that support individuals with IDD in achieving their full potential and leading meaningful lives. They offer a wide range of programs and services, including residential support, employment assistance, educational opportunities, and recreational activities.

The Be Proud to Be YOU! campaign was launched to celebrate Disability Pride Month. When you purchase a shirt from this campaign, you are assisting the vital work that Clearbrook does to empower individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Support World Institute on Disability

The Demand What You Believe In campaign was created by Judy Heumann to raise funds for the World Institute on Disability, an organization founded and continuously led by people with disabilities, that works to advance the rights and opportunities of individuals with disabilities worldwide. WID strives to break down barriers and ensure equal access to education, employment, technology, healthcare, and independent living for all people with disabilities.

Purchasing a tee from the Demand What You Believe In campaign helps WID in their ongoing efforts to foster a more inclusive global society.

Starkloff Disability Institute

The Disability Is Not a Dirty Word campaign was launched by the Starkloff Disability Institute, an organization that promotes disability inclusion and empowerment by advocating for policy changes, providing educational resources, and offering leadership development programs. The design for this campaign challenges ableism and reminds people that it’s OKAY to say the word disability.

By making a purchase from the Disability Is Not a Dirty Word campaign, you are actively supporting the Starkloff Disability Institute in their mission to dismantle barriers and create meaningful opportunities for individuals with disabilities to actively participate in society.

Support Half Access

Half Access is an organization dedicated to making live music more accessible. They collaborate with venues, artists, and fans to create more inclusive and accommodating environments within the live music community, as well as encourage venues to make any and all physical and policy changes that are needed to ensure accessibility for people with disabilities.

By purchasing a shirt from the Disabled People to the Front campaign, you are aiding their efforts to fostering inclusive live music events that are accessible and enjoyable for all.

Support Disability Sports Foundation

The Disability Sports Foundation is an organization focused on creating opportunities for people with disabilities to participate in sports, enhance their physical fitness, and improve their overall well-being. DSF works to break down barriers and provide inclusive programs, resources, and education to empower individuals with disabilities in the realm of sports.

All proceeds from the DSF Logo Apparel campaign directly benefit the support and advancement of adaptive sports in Southern California.

Support Easterseals Wisconsin

Easterseals Wisconsin is an organization that strives to empower individuals with disabilities to achieve independence, inclusion, and a high quality of life. They achieve this mission by offering a wide range of services, including early intervention, respite care, employment assistance, and recreational programs.

When you purchase a shirt from the Inclusion is My Jam campaign, you are actively contributing to the support of their inclusive Summer Camps.

Support Tablespoons Bakery

Tablespoons Bakery is a nonprofit bakery in Richmond, VA that provides job training and employment to young adults with developmental disabilities. Tablespoons Bakery was created by Next Move Program, an organization that partners with businesses to create guided internship and externship experiences for young adults with disabilities.

When you make a purchase from The Signature Able Tee campaign, you are helping to support their baking programs. These programs empower young adults with developmental disabilities by providing authentic training experiences in the culinary arts and entrepreneurship, helping them achieve their employment goals.

By purchasing from these campaigns, you are not only celebrating and honoring Disability Pride Month, you’re also contributing directly to organizations that work tirelessly to empower individuals with disabilities and promote inclusivity.

Every shirt bought represents more than just a piece of clothing; it represents support, advocacy, and progress toward a more inclusive and equitable society. Together, let us proudly wear our shirts, raise awareness, and foster a world where disability pride is celebrated every day.

Get involved and make a difference for Disability Pride Month

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Written by: Hayden Ireland / Content Specialist
Illustrated by: Madison Summers / Lead Marketing Designer

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