Is an Online Store Right for You?

If your organization or brand doesn’t have products available for purchase online, you’re likely behind the curve. Many organizations build an online store to sell their swag, but is it really worth the effort?  Creating a Bonfire Campaign may be able to help you generate higher profits and requires less effort than maintaining an online store.

Time limits create a sense of urgency

Bonfire Campaigns can run for a  period of 7-21 days. After that sellers can re-launch their campaign or choose to create a new design to launch. While buyers can be easily tempted to put off a purchase from a stagnant online store, a limited time frame helps them  feel a sense of urgency to purchase. Because of this, sellers can expect more sales from a Bonfire campaign than they would from uploading the same apparel item to an online store.

Higher profits

Unlike other print on demand and dropship websites, Bonfire groups campaign orders together and prints  the shirt orders together. By batching all of your orders together to print at one time, sellers yield higher profits per shirt than they would with a print on demand alternative.

No risk of buying inventory

Nothing’s more disappointing than stocking up on a product that no one wants to purchase. Because Bonfire has no upfront costs or commitments, sellers can test out design ideas to see what shirts sell best with no risk. There’s no loss if you launch a campaign and realize the shirt design isn’t as popular as you would like it to be.

No Storing Inventory

Since Bonfire prints and ships the shirts directly to buyers, sellers don’t have to worry about storing large boxes at home or at an office. Let us deal with the mess.

Flexible and Easy Setup

Launch a campaign  in a moment’s notice in response to an event, initiative, or maybe even a viral post or trending topic. Bonfire’s setup flow is so easy that you can create a t-shirt campaign and  launch it in minutes.

No Order Fulfillment or Shipping

We take care of packaging and shipping out orders straight to the buyers. Instead of stuffing envelopes or running back and forth to the post office, our sellers have more time to focus on things that matter most.

We Handle the Tricky Stuff

Our dedicated customer happiness team is here to help every step of the way. Sellers can let us take care of returns, exchanges, and any other issues a buyer might have.

Smart Launch

Bonfire’s Smart Launch feature allows for those who want a more evergreen offering to do so. Smart Launch allows sellers to keep accepting orders after a batch ends. Campaigns will automatically relaunch the next batch once the first successful order is completed.  Since customers can always buy your shirt, you never miss out on profits.

If you are looking for an easy way to sell merchandise for your community, we would love to help. Our Seller Experience team is here at any stage of the process if you’re feeling stuck or are ready to jump in and begin your first campaign.