How to design a hat

How to Design a Hat That Fits Your Style

Hats are cool, comfy, and casual accessories that never go out of style. Give your buyers the option of purchasing a customized hat from your Bonfire shop so they can sport your design wherever they go!

Designing a hat with Bonfire is easy peasy. Let’s get started! 

Choose Your Hat Style

Our product catalog offers three different custom hat styles to choose from. Take a look at each option to decide which style best suits your needs.

The Bonfire product catalog offers three different custom hat styles to choose from: a Snapback Hat, a Classic Baseball Cap, and a Cuffed Beanie.

Snapback Hat

This hat offers a modern, stylish look. Our Snapback Hat is made from an acrylic and wool blend. It has a flat brim with a green undervisor, a structured fit, and a snap in the back that makes it adjustable. The Snapback Hat is available in three colors – Black, Heather Gray, and Dark Navy. 

Classic Baseball Cap

The look and feel of this hat are all in the name – classic. Our Classic Baseball Cap is made from 100% cotton chino twill. It has an adjustable, brass buckle closure, and has a curved visor. The Classic Baseball Cap is available in five colors – Black, Dark Gray, Khaki, Pink, and White. 

Cuffed Beanie

A hat option that keeps you looking cool while staying warm. Our Cuffed Beanie is made from 100% acrylic knit fabric that is stretchy and comfortable. The cuff height is adjustable and can be folded up or down depending on how you’d like to wear it. The Cuffed Beanie is available in two colors – Navy and Red. 

Get to Know the Design Tools

  • Add Text – you can add and customize your own text. One word might be all you need to design your hat, but you can add as many words as you’d like (as long as they fit in the printable area)!. You can edit the font, color, spacing, arc, rotation, and size of your text using toolbars on the right side of the design tool.  
  • Find Graphics – adding simple images to your hat can elevate the overall look. Browse our clip art gallery to find the perfect image to enhance your design. Our clip art gallery is free to use and makes it easy for you to create a design in no time.
  • Upload Art – if you already have a logo or original artwork that you’d like to use for your hat, you can upload your design directly in our design tool. Your design can include up to 8 colors. We recommend that the artwork be transparent and the dimensions be at least 1500px by 1500px. Original vector artwork works best, if you have it, and we support AI, EPS, PDF, PNG, and JPG files. 

Hat Design Ideas

Hats are great eye-catching accessories. Make sure your hats are extra noticeable by making bold choices with your design. 

Use Imagery

Crisp, clean images work incredibly well on hats. Simplified illustrations, line drawings, and designs that don’t include a lot of small details would all be great options to feature on your hat. Make sure the colors in your image stand out against the color of your hat so that your design is visible at a distance. Remember, you don’t always need words to make a statement, sometimes, the perfect image is all you need.

Say Something

The design surface area of a hat provides a unique opportunity to say something BIG in a small space. Does your nonprofit have a message to share out with the community? Pair that statement down to as few words as possible to make sure it’s clear and legible. Select a font that’s easy to read and a text color that contrasts your hat color. Your supporters will be wearing these hats around town, use them as a platform to raise awareness about your cause and spark conversations.

Rep Your Logo

Hats are an awesome way to get your logo out into the world! The majority of hats that we see on a daily basis have logos on them. Supporters love to be loud and proud about the causes and companies that they believe in, and wearing their logo on a hat is an easy way to do that. When featuring your logo on your hat, make sure it is large enough to be seen and that the colors work well together. If needed, you could add a white border around your logo for increased visibility.

At this point, you’re ready to put these design guidelines to work!  Once you’ve completed your customized hat, you’ll be ready to launch it in your online store and spread the word to your support communities! These comfortable and stylish hats are sure to be well worn and well-loved by your buyers.

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