T-Shirt Design Trends for 2018

New year, new trends for t-shirt graphics. We’ve skimmed through the best of the best t-shirt designs from our community to predict what will be hot this coming year. Stick in one of these categories and you’re sure to have a winning design.

Mystic Minimalist Linework

Inspired by blackwork tattoos and natural themes, this minimalist and thin-lined approach to t-shirt designs is an evolution of the “badge” designs of three years ago.

Master the look: Pair minimalist sans-serif type with images of stars, phases of the moon, hands and palms, flowers, mountains, and other natural elements. Keep line work thin, and create compositions that resemble something you might envision as a tattoo.

Boxed Typography

This approachable design formula can help anyone create a cool t-shirt graphic. Pair an impactful word that encompasses your community or cause with a fun geometric shape.

Create your own: Space out the words you want on the shirt within a geometric shape. This could be a rectangle, circle, or even a hexagon or more dynamic shape. Choose a geometric sans-serif font for the lettering. To add a personalized touch, add your logo or hashtag inside the shape or right underneath it.

Resistance Designs

The turmoil of the recent months has opened the doorway for creative expression of political and social views. People are wearing their hearts on their chests as they speak up for the injustices they see.

Make it loud: Use t-shirts as moving billboards for the causes you care about. Go big and bold, using bright colors and contrast to make sure no one misses your message.

Minimalist Phrases

Another approachable design technique is going minimal and creating a design that is solely typography.

Write it out: Evaluate what font will make your design shine. Type out your word or phrase, and test a handful of fonts to find the best one. Use a dynamic t-shirt and ink color combination to make sure your message is clear and readable.

Detailed Animal Illustrations

For animal rescues and wildlife protection organizations, bold illustrations in all sorts of design styles are a popular approach to t-shirt graphics. If you are creating a design for this type of organization, think about making the star animals of the cause the focus of your shirt design.

Design a colorful masterpiece: Once you choose a design style, create a bright drawing of your subject. Choose ink colors that will contrast to the shirt color in order to really help the illustration pop.

Hand-Drawn Illustrations

The hand-drawn, sketchbook look paired with handwritten typography is still a prominent design look.

Sketch and scan: Draw designs on paper and scan them in to a computer to help you create a more organic look to your t-shirt design. Trace your sketches in a design program to turn your hand-drawn illustration into a rocking graphic for your t-shirts.