Gift Ideas for the Dog Lover in Your Life

Shopping for the dog lover in your life just got a lot easier. We’ve put together a list of this year’s best gift ideas for someone who is obsessed with their dog, or just dog-obsessed. Pick the type of gift that you want to give below, and we’ll tell you the perfect item to give them.

A meaningful gift

Personalized Dog Drawing

$26 -$49

Photo Credit: Etsy

Surprise the dog lover in your life with a custom drawing of their dog. Etsy user No2AlikeByMikaela hand draws these personalized pieces of art on fine art paper and offers free shipping. This is a gift that your friend will surely cherish forever.

A practical gift

LoveThyBeast Canvas Pet Tote


Photo Credit: LoveThyBeast

More than ever, people want to go places that are dog-friendly so they can bring their pup with them. But after a long day of being out and about, some dogs might be tired of walking. Help a tired dog out and get their owner this Canvas Pet Tote from LoveThyBeast. These durable yet stylish bags come in medium and large sizes. They have a collar-to-leash attachment on the inside, and a cutout on the side so their buddy can poke their head out to say hello.

A fancy gift

Casper Dog Mattress

$125 – $225

Photo Credit: Casper

If you really want to go above and beyond for the dog lover in your life this year, then you can’t go wrong with the Casper Dog Mattress. It’s available in three different sizes and three colors, is machine washable, and it has all of the redeeming qualities that Casper’s award-winning mattresses for humans are known for.

A charitable gift

Bonfire Dog Rescue Shirt

$25 – $40

Photo Credit: norby_bear

Give a gift that gives back! If the dog lover in your life is passionate about supporting their local dog and animal rescues, then purchasing them a custom-designed dog rescue shirt that donates the profits from the campaign to their local rescue should hit right at home for your dog lover.

A trendy gift


$35 – $249

Photo Credit: Barkbox

Give a gift that keeps on giving, literally every month. Gift a Barkbox subscription to your friend, and once a month a fully customized box of themed toys and treats for their pup will be delivered to their doorstep.

A fun gift

iFetch Ball Launcher


Photo Credit: iFetch

Imagine launching a tennis ball as far as you want with no effort. The Interactive Ball Launcher from iFetch has done just that. All the dog has to do is drop the ball in the bucket and it will automatically send the ball sailing through the air. It even allows you to adjust the throwing distance so you can set it up indoors on rainy days.

An interactive gift

Dog Treat Puzzle


Photo Credit: Outward Hound

Put your friend’s dog to the challenge and see if they can solve a puzzle for their treats. The Puzzle Brick from Outward Hound has easy open-close flip compartments to hide treats in and has 3 different treat feeding features for dogs to work through. The puzzle toy is made for dogs of all ages and can help keep anxious dogs occupied and entertained to help prevent destructive behavior.

A high-tech gift

PetCube Dog Camera


Photo Credit: PetCube

Help the dog lover in your life stay connected with their pup throughout the day by getting them PetCube Bites Smart Camera. It’s equipped with a wide-angle camera that gives them a 180-degree view of the room, a 2-way audio system that lets them hear and talk to their dog, and a treat dispenser. Staying connected with their dog will never be easier!

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