Your Community is Our Community: COVID-19 Updates

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Updated 10/04/2021

The ever-changing developments related to COVID-19 have been surprising and challenging for all of us. As the custom apparel industry faces unprecedented stocking and labor shortages, we’ve continued to show up every day to help you raise money for the causes you care about. In this unique environment, each day brings new challenges but also new opportunities. Our goal is to keep you updated through it all, so you can continue to sell to your community on with confidence.

During this unprecedented time, know that Bonfire is here for you.

Some questions you might be asking:

Are orders arriving on time?

A majority of orders are still arriving within our standard timelines. But, increased demand for custom printed products, blank apparel shortages, and worldwide shipping delays directly impact production departments industry-wide. We are not immune to these factors, and there may be a delay in the arrival of some orders.  Some orders may arrive later than the 7-14 business day window.

Why are some of my products not available in all sizes?

Sometimes, a particular product color will run out of stock but not in all sizes. Instead of making that product color option unavailable for all sizes, we leave it available for any sizes that still have stock left. Stock levels change daily, so you might see some fluctuation in product availability during the course of your campaign.

We recommend offering a wide range of colors and styles on your campaign page, so every member of your community can find their perfect item. You can add or remove product types and colors on an active campaign directly from your Bonfire Account Dashboard. Check out this article for more information on making changes to your campaign.

Is Bonfire still able to support the products on my campaign?

Stock levels fluctuate every day, and we monitor inventory closely to ensure that only available products display on your campaign. Products currently listed as available on your campaign page have ample stock to fulfill new and existing orders. We proactively remove products with low stock to eliminate potential sourcing issues. 

What is Bonfire doing to combat the apparel shortages?

We have a dedicated team working every day to ensure that your profits and, most importantly, your customers are taken care of as you sell during the holiday season. Our merch team is working hard to add all sorts of new items to our product catalog to ensure you have great selections to offer to your audience.

When will one of my items come back in stock?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a way to confidently predict or determine when an out-of-stock item will be listed as back in stock. Our goal is to ensure that you are only selling items that we can confidently fulfill. Because of this, we are only adding products back to the catalog when sufficient stocking levels are secured. Currently, apparel vendors in the industry expect shortages to continue into early 2022, especially for fleece items such as hoodies and crewneck sweatshirts.

What will Bonfire do if unable to fulfill an order as placed?

Because inventory can change very quickly, we may not be capable of fulfilling an order with the exact product chosen. In these cases, our merch experts will determine the most suitable and closest alternative to ensure order fulfillment continues undisrupted. This can include selecting a different colored item, such as sending a navy item to replace a royal blue item. In these cases, we will provide a note in the buyer’s package to let them know of the change and their options moving forward. 

What if my buyer isn’t happy with the item they receive?

As always, if a buyer is not happy with what they are shipped, we are glad to offer a full refund. Don’t worry; your campaign profits will not change once your campaign batch has closed. Buyers can always reach out to us through our contact page with any needs they have, and our Customer Success Team will be happy to help.

Can I still receive my payout?

Yes! You can continue to request your payouts via PayPal at the end of each successful batch. You will see that payout reflected within your account as soon as the batch is finalized and processed with our shop. Learn more about payouts here.

Can I change my order’s shipping address?

Yes! Simply enter your order number on the tracking page and then click the link below your address:

If you do not see this link, please contact us as this means your order has already shipped.

What is happening with international orders?

There are cases when international mail acceptance is suspended for certain destinations due to impacts related to the COVID-19 pandemic and other unrelated service disruptions. When a buyer places an order that lists an address to one of these destinations, our team will get in touch to process a refund for that order. You can find updates about specific countries on this international service alerts page on the United States Postal Service website.

What safety and sanitation precautions is Bonfire taking?

Bonfire’s apparel is printed in and shipped from the United States. Our production teams are taking extra precautions during this time to ensure that workers stay healthy and workspaces stay sanitized according to the guidance provided by the CDC and World Health Organization.

We will continue to update this blog post as more information develops. 


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