3 Tips to Promote T-Shirts on Social Media


Having a schedule of social media posts will help you navigate a cross-channel promotional plan for your Bonfire apparel campaigns.

Here’s an average 4-post plan for a typical* 10-14 day campaign:

  • Launch Day: Raise awareness of your campaign and explain what you’re offering on Bonfire.
  • Day 3: As you build awareness, consider marketing a specific shirt style, color, or seasonal benefit.
  • Day 6: Consider focusing on something different like giving an update on your campaign status or a look inside the making of your t-shirt design.
  • 2 Days Left: Time is running out. Let people know how close you are to hitting campaign-related goals.
  • Last Call: It’s the last day of your campaign. Encourage sales or additional donations for last-minute shoppers.

*If you or your followers have lots of activity on your social feeds, a post’s reach can be minimized. Combat getting lost in the noise by increasing frequency or posting on channels — like Facebook — where you can ‘pin’ and/or boost posts as advertisements.


  • Use an attention grabbing post intro
  • Include where proceeds are going in the you in the campaign’s description
  • Create an urgent call to action, like “Don’t wait to buy, sale ends next week!”
  • Use the shirt image to show off the design
  • Include your Bonfire URL so supporters can click-through to purchase


screen-shot-2016-12-20-at-4-30-43-pmPinning will increase a post’s visibility to your followers and ensure that anyone who stumbles across your Facebook page sees your shirt.

To pin your post:


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