Taking Care of Your Tee

Your favorite tee has been with you through many of life’s memorable moments. Unfortunately living life in your shirt brings on a considerable amount of risk to the quality of your garment. While we can’t guarantee your signature shirt will last forever, we’ve got some shirt care advice in hopes of extending the life of your t-shirt.

When Washing:
Before throwing your shirt in the machine, turn it inside out. This will protect the design on the front. We recommend washing in cold water and tumble drying your shirt on low heat. Washing in hot water and drying on a high heat level can shrink your items. A gentler cycle will clean your shirt while protecting the design on the front.

What to Avoid:
Avoid ironing and dry cleaning your tee. This can cause permanent damage to the graphics on the front of your shirt, depending on the way they’re printed. We recommend steaming your shirt to get wrinkles out.

If There are Stains:
Try to blot them out as soon as you notice them. If they’re fresh and you take action they’re more likely to come out. Whatever you do, don’t rub the stain. No matter how long its been there, if you incessantly rub it, it’s staying in that fabric. Use laundry brush, stain treatment, or soak depending on what type of stain it is. You can find more information on how to treat each type of stain here from the American Cleaning Institute.

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