Guest Blog Guidelines


These are standards all Bonfire guest blog posts must meet.

Length:  600 – 800 words minimum

Readability: 8th-10th grade

Hemmingway App is a great tool for you to use to make sure your blog post is readable and accessible. Please check the grade Hemmingway App assigns to your writing when you’re complete. If it’s above 10, then please make edits to bring it down to something in the 8th Grade to 10th Grade range.


Submission & Review Process

Please submit a title and brief outline of talking points for approval before beginning the full writing process. We will send approval for the title and outline within 3 days. When the post is written, please submit it for review. All blog posts must be approved and edited by the Bonfire content team. Once we make revisions, we will send it back for approval of those final revisions before pushing it into our production calendar.

Before we post any content on our blog we review and edit it several times. We’ll do the same for your post! We’re checking to make sure what you’ve written is factual, expressed in the best way possible, aligns with our brand standards and is grammatically correct. Here are a few items we keep consistent in our writing, that we recommend you do as well-

  • t-shirt, tee, shirt, apparel, product; items to use when referring to the products we offer for sellers to put their design on
  • T-shirt fundraising, Fundraising through t-shirt sales; what people can do on Bonfire’s site by launching a campaign. It’s 100% free. Please avoid calling it ‘crowdfunding’.
  • seller; someone who sets up a campaign to raise money on our site
  • buyer, your (when referring to seller) customer; someone who purchases a shirt from a campaign.

Turnaround Time

It usually takes Bonfire about 2 weeks to revise and edit a blog, gather images, and get it published live to our site.


Please fill out this chart to give us some context about your post.

Who’s the author?
Word Count (Should be 800 minimum, but we can take longer or shorter within reason)
Grade Level (Should be below 10th Grade, use Hemmingway)
Keywords (What phrases/words are you optimizing for?)
Meta Description (Can be up to 320 characters)
Author Info ( Please give a short bio and photo of the author)