Learn about the top fundraising ideas for kids.

22 Fundraising Ideas for Kids (That Actually Work)

Whether you’re trying to raise money for a child’s medical or educational expenses, adoption fees, or club and organization costs, the thought of covering these expenses might seem unattainable. However, with the support of your friends, family members, and the community, it’s possible to reach your goals and cover expensive

Use these extensive fundraising ideas to raise money and support for any cause or project.

45 Fundraising Ideas to Raise Money for Any Cause

Whether you’re fundraising for your environmental organization, supporting your local animal shelter, or raising money to cover your adoption costs — there are endless reasons why you or your organization needs to raise funds! Raising money for your mission can be difficult, especially when you’re not sure where to start.


Seller Guide Chapter 3: Promoting your Campaign

Now that you’ve applied the knowledge you collected about your target audience to create a t-shirt that inspires your community, it’s time to sell some shirts! Get the campaign rolling by purchasing the first shirt yourself, and then share the news with everyone else. Promotion Checklist We’ve created this incredibly

Learn more about 27 cancer fundraising ideas for individuals and nonprofits.

27 Cancer Fundraising Ideas for Treatment and Research

Millions of people around the world are diagnosed with cancer every year, and the costs of treatment can add up. If you or a loved one is battling cancer, you might feel compelled to raise money to cover medical costs and fund research. By gaining support from friends, family members,

Is Auction Fundraising Right for Us?

Everyone is doing auction fundraisers, should we do one too? Here the answers the 5 most frequently asked questions regarding auction fundraising so you can make the best decision for your fundraising group. Why are auction fundraisers so popular? Auction fundraisers have gained in popularity due to generosity of donors

Check out our church crowdfunding strategies to maximize your gifts.

5 Church Crowdfunding Strategies to Maximize Your Gifts

As you most likely know, church crowdfunding comes stocked with incredible potential to raise money for a multitude of different activities, like mission trips, youth group activities, community support, and more! Better yet, with providers like Bonfire, hosting an online church crowdfunding campaign is totally free, which means your church

Learn how to ask for money online.

How to Ask for Money Online: 5 Easy Steps for Success

Plenty of organizations and individuals alike turn to online fundraising for extra financial support in times of need. But asking for money online can often come across as digital panhandling and inevitably hurt your fundraising efforts. You won’t want to be labeled as “cyberbegging” after all, so you’ll need a

3 Tips to Promote T-Shirts on Social Media

SET A POST SCHEDULE Having a schedule of social media posts will help you navigate a cross-channel promotional plan for your Bonfire apparel campaigns. Here’s an average 4-post plan for a typical* 10-14 day campaign: Launch Day: Raise awareness of your campaign and explain what you’re offering on Bonfire. Day 3: As you

Guest Blog Guidelines

STANDARDS These are standards all Bonfire guest blog posts must meet. Length:  600 – 800 words minimum Readability: 8th-10th grade Hemmingway App is a great tool for you to use to make sure your blog post is readable and accessible. Please check the grade Hemmingway App assigns to your writing