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We’re giving away 25 free custom t-shirts to one lucky winner! Enter to win by following us on Instagram and commenting on our promotional post with what you would do with the t-shirts if you won! We can’t wait to hear your creative ideas!    Supply by Bonfire 25 Shirt

Bonfire makes it easy to order your custom t-shirts with no minimum!

How to Order Custom T-Shirts with No Minimum: A Guide

If you’ve ever considered printing your own custom t-shirts, you likely researched the best t-shirt design and printing services. Even more likely, you might have hesitated (or even changed your mind completely) if the t-shirt printer’s order requirements were much higher than what you actually needed. If you only want 1

How to Design the Perfect Custom T-Shirt: 7 Easy Steps

How to Design the Perfect Custom T-Shirt: 7 Easy Steps

Anyone hosting an event, raising funds for charity, or showcasing their work should consider creating a custom t-shirt. Not only are t-shirts a reliable crowd-pleaser, they’re an effective way of promoting or marketing your cause! A perfectly designed t-shirt will provide you with continuous exposure for years to come! A

Event T-Shirts - 5 Steps You Need to Get Right for Fundraising Success!

Event T-Shirts: 5 Steps You Need To Get Right

When incorporating custom t-shirts into your organization’s next event, there are a few elements that you must get right. Custom t-shirts are a great investment in your event, so it’s important to think carefully about every aspect of their design, purpose, and availability. By making these smart decisions with your

T-shirt fundraising is a great method of college crowdfunding for students and universities alike!

T-Shirt Fundraising Strategies for College Crowdfunding

It’s no surprise: crowdfunding is one of the most effective ways to fundraise for college causes. However, did you know there’s an even more effective crowdfunding strategy that’s growing in popularity among students and schools alike? T-shirt crowdfunding is an up-and-coming college fundraising method that’s gaining traction among fundraisers as

Learn how your organization can create a paper t-shirt order form.

T-Shirt Order Form Template

Now that you have our best tips for crafting the perfect t-shirt order form, you can use our template to help your selling process even more. There’s nothing holding you back from hosting a successful t-shirt fundraiser! Are you ready to create a custom t-shirt? Start designing your custom shirt

Learn about the top fundraising ideas for kids.

22 Effective Fundraising Ideas for Kids (That Actually Work)

Whether you're trying to raise money for a child's medical or educational expenses, adoption fees, or club and organization costs, the thought of covering these expenses might seem unattainable. However, with the support of your friends, family members, and the community, it's possible to reach your goals and cover expensive
Get 51 fundraising ideas for organizations and individual fundraisers.

51 Fundraising Ideas to Raise Money for Any Cause

No matter what you're raising money for — whether you're fundraising for your environmental organization, supporting your local animal shelter, or raising money to cover your adoption costs — there are endless reasons why you or your organization needs to raise funds! Raising money for your mission can be difficult,

Seller Guide Chapter 3: Promoting your Campaign

Now that you’ve applied the knowledge you collected about your target audience to create a t-shirt that inspires your community, it’s time to sell some shirts! Get the campaign rolling by purchasing the first shirt yourself, and then share the news with everyone else. Promotion Checklist We’ve created this incredibly

Learn more about 27 cancer fundraising ideas for individuals and nonprofits.

27 Cancer Fundraising Ideas for Treatment and Research

Millions of people around the world are diagnosed with cancer every year, and the costs of treatment can add up. If you or a loved one is battling cancer, you might feel compelled to raise money to cover medical costs and fund research. By gaining support from friends, family members, and

Is Auction Fundraising Right for Us?

Everyone is doing auction fundraisers, should we do one too? Here the answers the 5 most frequently asked questions regarding auction fundraising so you can make the best decision for your fundraising group. Why are auction fundraisers so popular? Auction fundraisers have gained in popularity due to generosity of donors