ACCO Bonfire Case Study

How ACCO Raised Over $69,000 With Peer-to-Peer T-Shirt Fundraising

American Childhood Cancer Organization is the nation’s oldest and largest grassroots organization dedicated to childhood cancer. They work to make childhood cancer a national health priority by shaping policy, supporting research, raising awareness, and providing educational resources and programs to kids with cancer, survivors, and their families.

The Challenge

Every year for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, ACCO designs and sells a special edition shirt to commemorate the month and raise money for the cause. But in 2020, ACCO wanted to make their shirts more personal and offer their supporters a chance to customize their own shirts to raise money and awareness for the cause at the same time.

“Every September, the American Childhood Cancer Organization releases a special edition shirt for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. This year, we wanted to make the sale personal by designing a shirt that could be customized by each supporter and after some searching, we found Bonfire.”

The Solution

Using our suite of nonprofit fundraising tools, ACCO was able to launch a peer-to-peer t-shirt fundraiser which enabled families and supporters to customize their shirts using the official ACCO Cancer Awareness Month design. Then with our Giving Campaigns feature, users were able to easily connect their t-shirt fundraiser on Bonfire to ACCO so all of the money they raised was sent directly to their organization at the end of the campaign.

Bonfire has been with us every step of the way, from shirt designs to designing the landing page to our specifications. They have been ready to help at any time and have been extremely responsive to any needs from our customers or from ACCO. We have loved working with Bonfire to facilitate this sale, it has been a success and we look forward to working on many more projects in the future.
Blair Scroggs, ACCO Public Relations Coordinator

The Outcome

By the end of the month, ACCO and its supporters had launched 873 t-shirt fundraisers and raised over $69,000 for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month from t-shirt sales.

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ACCO wanted a way where designs could be personalized to each child and family. By launching a Peer to Peer campaign, they were able to achieve this and allow for their supporters to fundraise on their behalf in the process. It was incredible to see how the ACCO community engaged with our P2P fundraisers and how many campaigns were launched. It was such a joy to work with Blair and the ACCO team to make this possible! I am looking forward to seeing the success of this event in the future!”
Alexa Rennie, Bonfire Sales Consultant

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