2020 Best of Bonfire Finalists

After reviewing over 1,200 entries, we’re excited to announce the 2020 Best of Bonfire finalists! While it wasn’t an easy decision, the designs we selected as finalists stood out from all the other entries and really blew us away with their creativity.

Voting to determine the winner in each category begins today and ends at midnight on December 3rd. Use this form to cast your vote for who you think should win, or learn more about each of the finalists below!

???? The results are in!

Best Animal Designs

From cute swamp rabbits to cats in alien space ships, these designs have done an extraordinary job of featuring an animal.

Best Designs Empowering Women

Strong and powerful designs, representing strong and powerful women.

Best Designs for a Nonprofit Organization

Drawing inspiration from the organization’s mission and purpose, these designs were created by or in support of a nonprofit.

Best Designs for a Small Business

From stationery stores to photo booth buses, these small business t-shirt designs stood out from the rest.

Best Designs Supporting COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Designs that represent hope, support, and community during these unprecedented times.

Best Designs Supporting the Black Lives Matter Movement

Designs that embody and support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Best Face Mask Designs

Unfortunately, there weren’t enough entries in the face mask category for us to select any finalists. We will select the winner from the entries we received and announce the winner with the other categories on December 4th.

Best LGBTQ+ Designs

Celebrating and supporting LGBTQ+ communities.

Best Minimalist Designs

Doing the most with the least, these designs have stripped away almost every to make you focus on what’s most important.

Best Retro Designs

Throwing it back to a classic look and feel, these old school designs are a blast from the past.

Best Socially-Driven Designs

Powerful designs that are making a positive impact on the world.

Best Typography Designs

Lettering has never been this exciting. These designs take their typography to a new level.

Thank you to everyone who entered this year, and congratulations again to all of our finalists! We’re honored to have you in our Bonfire community and look forward to seeing what you design next.

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